Whanganui Young Cyclist of the Year

This programme has now been running for 21 years. The competition is run to promote safe cycling among children in a fun and competitive way.

We are inviting all Primary and Intermediate schools in the Whanganui area to select their best boy and best girl cyclist who are 10 years of age or older to represent their school. The students must be 10 years of age on or before the 25th November 2020.

The competition will consist of 20 multiple choice questions (based on the bike code) and a practical riding test (correct hand signalling, u-turns etc.)

The Whanganui competition is to be held on Wednesday 25th November 12pm at Laird Park, Peat Street, Wanganui,

The latest correct information about cycling can be found at:


We (Police and Lets Go cycle educators) are able to come in to your school to teach cycle safety and help select your best boy and best girl.

Can you please advise us if you are intending to send entrants to the competition by completing the attached form and reply via email.


S/Constable Rob Conder,

email: robert.conder@police.govt.nz
School Community Officer
Youth Services
Whanganui Police Station