A big focus of Let’s Go is working with schools throughout Whanganui and region to educate and encourage students, parents and teachers to use active modes of transport.

Let’s Go offers a wide range of skills programmes and initiatives promoting cycling, scootering and walking for schools to choose from. Further, Let’s Go offers travel planning with schools. A travel plan looks at how to reduce the number of vehicles arriving at school carparks at peak time by utilising walking, cycling, skating, scootering, bussing and ride sharing. It is not anti-car, but is about how to encourage each school community to look at their car use and choose healthier, cheaper alternatives when available.

By working in partnership with schools and workplaces we aim to bring about changes in attitude and travel behaviour that support a healthy and positive lifestyle.

The Bikes in Schools programme enables primary school age children the ability to ride a bicycle on a regular and equal basis within their schools and realise the benefits from this.