Bikes in Schools


  • Assists primary schools to source funding for purchase of their own bicycle fleet (30-50 new bikes)
  • Funding to provide each student a helmet to use in school
  • Assistance with designing and building of riding, pump and/or skills tracks on school grounds
  • Bike storage solution where required
  • Fundamental cycle skill training

Bikes in Schools is a NZTA and Whanganui District Council endorsed complete biking package implemented within a school that enables all students to ride a bike on a regular basis.

The complete package varies according to each school’s size and requirements, but typically consists of:

  • A fleet of new bikes (3-4 different sizes)
  • A bike helmet for every student and teaching staff
  • Combination of riding, pump and bike skills tracks
  • Bike storage facility
  • Cyclist Skill Training NZTA Grade 1 delivery to introduce basic riding and safety skills

All the bikes and helmets are owned by the school and remain on the school property. The tracks are built within the school property usually around an existing sports ground. The storage facility (e.g. converted shipping container or bike shed) is also owned by the school.

For detailed information about Bikes in Schools please visit or download the information pack here.

For further information and to implement the Bikes in Schools programme at your school, please contact the Let’s Go team.