Skills Training

Mā Ake Let’s Go is a collaboration of key community organisations. It delivers a wide range of cyclist skills training opportunities for pre-schools, primary schools, secondary schools and workplaces. Mā Ake Let’s Go follows New Zealand’s national cycling education system – BikeReady (

Benefits of BikeReady:

  • More people develop safe road skills for cycling early in life.
  • More empathetic road users. More kids are active and healthy.
  • More people have cycling as a viable transport choice.


  • Scooter Skills
    • Aimed at 5-9 year olds
    • A 60-90 min Scooter Skills Training (year 0-4) Session is designed to boost children’s confidence and skills to ride scooters in their neighbourhood, to school or anywhere, safely and confidently.
    • Download our Scooter Toolkit developed for teachers, parents or motivated individuals to run their own scooter sessions with small groups. It is split into three sections, to learn more about our scooter skills programme view these following YouTube clips.
    • Scooter sessions intro.
    • Share the path
    • Share the fun
  • Cyclist Skill Training NZTA/Waka Kotahi – Grade 1 (beginners)
    • Aimed at primary school aged children
    • Delivery consists of four cycle skill training sessions
    • Includes teacher upskilling sessions for sustainability of programme at school
    • Sessions are held at school grounds or other safe off-road areas. (Download info pack)
  • Cyclist Skill Training NZTA/Waka Kotahi – Grade 2 (intermediate)
    • A continuation of Grade 1, it is aimed at year 6-8 students
    • Students will learn skills to ride safely in a variety of traffic situations on quiet roads
    • Delivery consists of 6 hours of training
  • Workplace Skills Training
    • We welcome and are happy to help any workplace setting requesting to have cyclist skills training delivered to their employees. Let’s Go has a range of programme and initiatives designed to give riders more knowledge on how to maintain their bikes, greater confidence on riding in traffic and if required a brush up on the road rules for cyclists.


To book Cyclist Training Sessions and for further information please contact the Let’s Go team.