Active Workplaces

workLet’s Go is working in collaboration with key organisations and workplaces throughout the Whanganui region to educate and encourage people of all ages to use active modes of transport such as cycling and walking.

By working in partnership with workplaces, we aim to bring about changes in attitude and travel behaviour that support a healthy and positive lifestyle for your employees.

An important part of this is travel planning. A travel plan looks at how to reduce the number of vehicles arriving at workplace carparks by utilising walking, cycling, bussing and ride sharing. It is not anti-car, but is about how to encourage people to look at their car use and choose healthier, cheaper alternatives when available.

Let’s Go also offers Cyclist Skills training at a workplace. The programme is designed to give adult riders more confidence using a bike as an additional transport choice to travel to work and back. You will learn about bike maintenance and about safer and more confident riding in traffic through a brush up on road rules.
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NZTA Workplace Cycling Guide

This online guide provides all the information you need to help your workplace better provide for, and encourage, people on bikes.

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