Whanganui Bus Review Consultation

What you need to know:

WHEN: public consultation is scheduled for: 29 May – 7 July 2017.  Over this period, members of the public are invited to provide feedback on the services.

HOW: Members of the public can provide feedback by filling out a survey either on paper or online (via Horizons website) or by emailing comments to Whanganuibusreview@horizons.govt.nz

INFORMATION: From 29 May, information will be available in the following places:

  • on our website,
  • On Horizons facebook page
  • On the Whanganui District Council Website
  • The Whanganui iSite
  • Horizons Whanganui office
  • The Whanganui Library
  • The Whanganui buses and shelters

Download Survey