Fifth stage of Shared Pathways Project completed ahead of schedule

The latest phase of Whanganui’s City to North Mole shared pathway is now complete. The new 2.5 metre wide concrete shared pathway between Balgownie Avenue and Gilberd Street opens to the public from today – two weeks ahead of its scheduled opening date. This section is approximately two kilometres long and is built on top of the existing stop bank.

Damien Wood, Development Engineer for Whanganui District Council commended contractors W&W Construction 2010 Ltd on their speedy completion of the pathway’s fifth stage.

“I’m very pleased with the way the build has progressed. With fantastic work from this team, we’ve achieved a great result very quickly.”

Mayor Hamish McDouall said progress on the shared pathways was exciting for Whanganui.

“The construction team have done a superb job and to have it completed two weeks ahead of schedule is a real bonus. With only two kilometres of pathway left to complete, the end is now quite literally in sight.”

The City to North Mole pathway is one of two urban shared pathways being developed in Whanganui with funding assistance from the government’s Urban Cycleways Programme.

The pathways enable people to get around on foot, by bicycle, scooter, skateboard and with mobility aids.

The final phase of the City to North Mole pathway is scheduled for completion in the 2017/18 Financial Year.

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