Whanganui wants to move its residents – on their bikes or feet rather than in cars

Whanganui’s district council wants to get people out of their cars and onto their bikes or feet. ZARYD WILSON looks at the council’s new, long-term active transport vision.

More people on bikes, scooters or on foot are travelling between the suburbs and the city via a network of shared pathways.

The council’s new Active Transport Strategy is a kind of blueprint for fewer cars on the road, and fitter and healthier residents.

“Essentially we’re in the business of changing behaviour,” the Whanganui District Council’s active transport facilitator, Norman Gruebsch, says.

“Behaviour change is a 30-year concept. It won’t happen over the next week or two years.

“What we’re doing now is putting in the infrastructure, putting those behaviour change programmes in place, getting school and families on board and setting incentives.”

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