Whanganui mayor accepts blame for delays to Upokongaro Cycle Bridge

The Mayor of Whanganui says he accepts responsibility for delays in the construction of the Upokongaro Cycle Bridge on State Highway 4 – a crucial link in the Mountain to Sea and National cycleways.

The structure has been parked in a paddock on the western riverbank since late 2018 – and is now jokingly referred to as the region’s “second bridge to nowhere”.

Take a drive along Papaiti Road northwest of the Whanganui suburb of Aramoho and rising out of a maize field you’ll find the $2.5 million Upokongaro Cycle Bridge.

Built onsite, the 130 metre long and 18m high structure was meant to be placed across the Whanganui River in February last year, but instead sits behind security fencing because it requires a new resource consent.

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