Upgrade signalled for Victoria Avenue / Glasgow Street traffic lights

Whanganui District Council’s planned upgrade to the traffic signals at the intersection of Victoria Avenue and Glasgow Street will begin on Monday, 24 February 2020.

The Council’s Senior Roading Engineer, Brent Holmes, says, “The traffic signal equipment at this intersection is out-of-date and we are no longer able to obtain parts to maintain them.

“In addition the intersection provides limited pedestrian protection at the crossing points, and considering Whanganui’s recent and future growth, this is no longer acceptable.

“It also has the highest number of crashes for a signalised intersection in Whanganui.”

Work on the signal replacement will begin on Monday, 24 February with drilling of new cable ducts under the approaches to the intersection. Some of this work will be undertaken at night to reduce disruption to intersection users.

Brent Holmes says, “We will keep the existing traffic signals operating as long as possible while undertaking the preliminary works.

“In early March, a temporary roundabout will be installed and the old signals will be shut down and removed.

“To ensure pedestrians can cross safely while the temporary roundabout is in place, pedestrian refuges will be installed in the centre of each of the intersection’s approaches.

“The upgrade will significantly improve the intersection’s safety for both motorists and pedestrians. As well as changes to the intersection layout, the traffic signals will include the latest software technology allowing the traffic signal cycle and phase times to adjust automatically to traffic volumes.

“During the intersection upgrade, we recommend that freight trucks to the nearby supermarkets approach from (SH3) London Street, rather than Victoria Avenue,” Brent Holmes says.

Work on the intersection is expected to be finished by the end of March 2020.

For more information visit the project’s page on the Whanganui District Council website https://www.whanganui.govt.nz/glasgow-intersection-upgrade